Teddy Riner

Olympic medalist from France, born in 1989 (Find out more on Wikipedia).

Winner of 18 medals:

  • G2007 Belgrade (European Championships) +100kg
  • G2007 Rio de Janeiro (World Championships) +100kg
  • B2008 Beijing (Olympic Games) +100kg
  • G2008 Levallois-Perret (World Openweight Championships) Open
  • G2009 Pescara (Mediterranean Games) +100kg
  • G2009 Rotterdam (World Championships) +100kg
  • G2010 Tokyo (World Championships) +100kg
  • S2010 Tokyo (World Championships) Open
  • G2011 Istanbul (European Championships) +100kg
  • G2011 Paris (World Championships) +100kg
  • G2012 London (Olympic Games) +100kg
  • G2013 Budapest (European Championships) +100kg
  • G2013 Rio de Janeiro (World Championships) +100kg
  • G2014 Chelyabinsk (World Championships) +100kg
  • G2014 Montpellier (European Championships) +100kg
  • G2015 Astana (World Championships) +100kg
  • G2016 Kazan (European Championships) +100kg
  • G2016 Rio de Janeiro (Olympic Games) +100kg
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