Mark Huizinga

Olympic medalist from Netherlands, born in 1973 (Find out more on Wikipedia).

Winner of 16 medals:

  • B1994 Gdansk (European Championships) -78kg
  • B1996 Atlanta (Olympic Games) -86kg
  • G1996 The Hague (European Championships) -86kg
  • G1997 Oostende (European Championships) -86kg
  • G1998 Oviedo (European Championships) -90kg
  • B1999 Bratislava (European Championships) -90kg
  • G2000 Sydney (Olympic Games) -90kg
  • S2000 Wroclaw (European Championships) -90kg
  • G2001 Paris (European Championships) -90kg
  • B2002 Maribor (European Championships) -90kg
  • B2003 Düsseldorf (European Championships) -90kg
  • B2004 Athens (Olympic Games) -90kg
  • S2004 Bucharest (European Championships) -90kg
  • B2005 Cairo (World Championships) -90kg
  • B2005 Rotterdam (European Championships) -90kg
  • G2008 Lisbon (European Championships) -90kg
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